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Prices of Upvc Windows

If you have decided to update your home and improve both its looks and its value then one sure fire way of doing both is to have UPVC windows installed. There are many different types of UPVC windows so you should be able to find a style that fits in with the general style of your property.

You can get new window single glazed, double glazed and even triple glazed. The majority of people who have had UPVC windows installed in recent years, are more likely to go for double glazed windows. Studies show that most home buyers now go for properties that have UPVC double glazing.

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What sort of prices are Upvc windows, double glazing and doubled glazed windows ?

Once you have an idea of what you really want from your windows the next thing you need to do, even before you look for a quote, is the price of UPVC double glazed windows in general. You should have some idea of the sort of prices you are looking for. It is pointless asking for quotes on windows when the companies you are looking at have a pricing structure that is way beyond what you can reasonably afford.

The popularity of UPVC windows and doors has led to a growth in the number of companies that provide and install them, and this is good news for home owners. When there are a lot of businesses offering the same thing they have to be more competitive with their pricing in order to stay in business.

The average prices of Upvc windows for single glazed UPVC windows start at around £260 per window, measuring 1770mm by 1040mm. If you want prices of double glazed windows then you will pay around £80 more per window, inclusive of VAT.

Large bay windows, casement windows and French windows will obviously cost more. The majority of UPVC window installation companies will offer a ten year guarantee on the product and this is something we also offer as standard.

Once you have an idea of the cost of UPVC windows then you can start asking for quotes. Some people choose to have one or two windows installed at a time, but most often people will go for the whole thing. While you will pay out more money when you have windows installed throughout your home, you will only have to put up with the disruption once. Whatever you decide to do, it is worth getting quotes for a full set of windows.